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1904, St. Tikhon visits St. Michael's Church, Pueblo CO.

An article from the Pueblo newspaper "The Chieftain" dated, Tuesday, April 26, 1904.*
Original title: Greek Catholics Hold Impressive Services, Bishop Tikhon, Head of Church in America, Conducts Ceremonies.

St. Tikhon, as a Bishop.
"Bishop Tikhon, head of the Greek Catholic church in the United States, was in Pueblo yesterday and conducted services in the little frame church on Spring street.** There were present to take part in the high honor the entire Greek Catholic population of the city that could possibly get there.

The ritual was especially elaborate for the occasion. In addition to Bishop Tikhon, who conducted high mass, there were present Father Anthony, Father Jacob, Father Theoclitos, Father Kalneff of Denver, all high church dignitaries who are accompanying the head of the church in his tour of the United States. All appeared in the elaborate robes of the ceremonial. Bishop Tikhon was draped in a long purple robe of silk embroidered in gold. The other churchmen wore white and blue robes, according to their office, the deacons in white and gold embroidered satin and the priests in plain blue. The headdress of the bishop was a turban set with pearls and other sparkling gems. According to the requirements of the religion he wore his hair in long, flowing locks. Resplendent among decorations of Bishop Tikhon was an image of the Virgin presented by the czar of Russia, who himself is the titular head of the Greek Church. The church was elaborately decorated for the occasion. 

After the services in the church the bishop and the dignitaries with him were
Fr. Theoclitos
entertained at the home of Andrew Dragash. In the entertainment party were Buda Ratkovich, Pava Ziga, Christ Nasagos and John Mandjuk. All are well known churchmen of this city. After lunch at the home of Mr. Dragash the distinguished guests took the train to Denver. They will proceed from there to the summer home of Bishop Tikhon in southern California.

The presence of the bishop was to stimulate the efforts of the Greek congregation to collect funds for a new edifice. The present quarters are considered inadequate and are only temporary. The numbers of the faith are increasing rapidly.

One feature of the congregation is that the services are held in four different languages, to accommodate the people of several nationalities."

Original church building

* Orthodox Pascha (Easter) was April 10th this year.
**This church building was destroyed in 1921 by a flood. The church was rebuilt on higher ground in 1924 and has housed the congregation since.