Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Christ is still my Christ"

by, Archmandrite Aimilianos of Simonos Petra

"Whether we believe or not, we belong to God. Whether we understand or not, or feel His presence or not, or rejoice in that presence or not, He exists. He is my God. He is my Lord. Even during moments of darkness and terror, when God doesn't exist for me, He still exists. When I feel I'm a failure, when all my efforts seem fruitless, when my life seems to have passed in vain, Christ is still my Christ. He is there for me no matter what happens. He exists irrespective of my capabilities, capacities, and comprehension. I might imagine that God is small. But God is great. I might think that God doesn't hear. But He does. And He has given Himself entirely to me, so that there's only one possibility of failure: for me to break off relationship with the 'One Who exists' (Ex. 3:14) .... It is extremely important that I know this truth, and thus be able to feel - literally, palpably - the mystery of a love that renders Him immune, as it were, to my own actions. God remains the God of love, the God of majesty, the God of glory, the God of strength, the God Who achieves anything He wants to. And as He was to all the apostles, the prophets, and the saints, so He is to me, however small, sinful, destitute, and worthless I may be." 

 From The Way of the Spirit, Reflections on Life in God.